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Faster payments deserve faster fraud protection

The speed of modern payment systems is being exploited every day, leaving financial institutions and their clients to bear the costs. These new threats demand that we apply cutting-edge data science to payments data to develop new financial crimes solutions. For businesses, this can mean having help to protect from payment fraud, and for financial institutions, this means help with improvements in business performance and managing reputational risk. Be prepared for whatever the payments revolution has in store.





According to Trend Micro, business email compromise (BEC) attacks are projected to exceed $9 billion in 2018. To put that number in context, it has been less than a year since the FBI reported BEC attacks had become a $5.3 billion industry.

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Learn how cutting-edge data science meets payments data to protect against financial crimes

Trust every transaction

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Secure Spending with Mastercard In Control?

In Control generates random, single-use virtual account numbers at the transaction level, so you can control and define how, where and when accounts are used.

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Corporate Fraud Insights with Vocalink Analytics

Corporate fraud insights flag suspect transactions early in the transactional cycle using advanced analytics and behavioral rules.

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Anti Money Laundering (AML) with Vocalink Analytics

AML insights provide intelligence beyond an individual financial institution’s partial view – a significant step up in fraud decision and AML analytics.

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Decision Intelligence

Decision intelligence provides an innovative approach to smarter decisioning – leveraging proprietary data, unique modeling and machine learning with global insights, analytics and support.

The Rise of the Mule

The Rise of the Mule

Mule networks are linked accounts that launder as much as $1.6 trillion a year globally. By analyzing payments transactional data at an industry level, Vocalink proves there’s a better solution to track money-mule networks, so financial institutions can better protect themselves and their customers.

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